Urban Cooling Model Problems

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to run the Urban Cooling Model but I keep getting a lot of errors and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I have run this model before and I never encountered any problem. I feel there is something wrong with the raster but I am not sure.
In the biophysical table I set the kc value to 1 because I am using the actual ET from ECOSTRESS.
InVEST-natcap.invest.urban_cooling_model-log-2024-04-09–10_12_46.txt (6.2 KB)

I attached the log for details. Thank you so much for any help you will be able to provide.

Hi @lcostado , thanks for reaching out and for sharing your logfile. The final error message that appears in the log is the most useful one,

ValueError: Values in the LULC raster were found that are not represented under the ‘lucode’ column of the Biophysical table. The missing values found in the LULC raster but not the table are: [0].

So either your biophysical table needs a row for “lucode” 0. Or those 0s in the LULC raster need to be reclassified to a different lucode that does appear in the table.

If you think the pixels with value 0 should be ignored (treated as “NoData”), then check to see if your LULC raster has a nodata value defined. If it does not, you can set the NoData value to 0. If it does, you could reclassify the 0s to the nodata value.

Hope that helps,