Units of Measurement

I read the following when using this

Current LULC (raster, required): A map of LULC for the current scenario. All values in this raster must have corresponding entries in the Carbon Pools table. My map is a tif file with 0.25 cell size, does it mean I have to change the resolution.

Because carbon pool is in t/ha values according to the requirement. or can it adjust already to the cell size oif my map? thank you

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Hi @reyesmariana,

Thanks for posting and a good question. The model does the conversion for you. Specifically it does (carbon * pixelArea) / 10^4. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about the resolution of your LULC.



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One more thing to add: You do need to make sure that your LULC raster uses a projected coordinate system, where the units are meters. Since you said that your cell size is 0.25, that’s very small if it’s in meters, so I wonder if it’s in degrees. If it is in degrees (so is in a geographic coordinate system), you’ll need to Reproject/Warp it to use a projected coordinate system.

~ Stacie

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