Carbon Model Error

Hello there,

I’m trying to map the carbon storage in French Guiana, but the rasters that I get as results show values that are much lower than the ones I have in my carbon storage table.
Any ideas what I can do?

Thank you !

(3.4 MB) carbonpools.csv (1.6 KB)

Hi @alkimbu -

What is the resolution/cell size of your land use/land cover raster? It needs to be in a projected coordinate system like UTM, not a geographic one like WGS84. If it’s in a geographic one, the cell size will seem very small because it’s in degrees. The model requires that the cell size be in meters, so it can correctly calculate the area of each pixel in hectares before applying the carbon pool values (which are in tons/hectare.)

~ Stacie

Thank you!
The cell size is 25 x 25 meters. Do I need to adjust the results to the cell size?tot_c_cur.tif (707.0 KB)

No, you don’t need to adjust the results, the model calculates the carbon storage based on the cell size. The results look fine to me (although they also are at 30m and look rather like the sample data area we provide, while the carbon pool table has very different LULC classes than the sample data…)

You can try the calculations yourself by simply adding together the value for the carbon pools (which are per hectare) and multiply by the cell size (converted from square meters to hectares.)

~ Stacie

Oh sorry, I uploaded the wrong file.
But I think I understand the problem. So the values that I have in the raster are carbon per cell size and if I want to create a map in t/ ha I have to calculate what you mentioned above. Did I get this right?
Thank you for the quick answer, I appreciate it.

Yes, you’re correct. If you want to show the results per hectare, you will need to calculate that from the model results based on cell size.

~ Stacie