Explanation of model outputs

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Hi @162316V,

I’ll try to answer each of your questions in order:

  1. Yes, the heat mitigation index raster is over the whole area of your study. This area will cover the intersection of your land-use/land-cover raster and your Area of Interest vector.
  2. I think the output you’re looking for is the T_{air} and T_{air_{nomix}} values, which can be found in the intermediate folder of your model run workspace. The equation under https://storage.googleapis.com/releases.naturalcapitalproject.org/invest-userguide/latest/urban_cooling_model.html#air-temperature-estimates describes how this value is calculated.
  3. Rather than try to describe here how all of the inputs are created, I’d suggest taking a look at the How it Works section of the User’s Guide. This section includes detailed mathematical descriptions of the various components of the model. If you have any specific questions about the outputs, let us know!


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Thank you very much for your explanation.

Thank You very much for the explanation!