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I’m going to run the Annual-water-yield and there seems to have something wrong with the input of Watershed. I have watershed shape file. I also have other input data and installed latest version. If I put in other data other than the watershed, I put it in fine, but if I put in the watershed, the other data appears to be problematic.
Thanks very much.

Hi @jihwan -

Would you please post the log file (.txt) that the model produces in your Workspace folder? That will show us the error and give us more information to work with.

If the error is happening in the user interface (so the model does not run at all), what error exactly does the user interface give? If there are red Xs next to any inputs, you can click on one and that should also provide information. Or you could take a screenshot of the interface and post that here.


~ Stacie

Thank you for your response.
There is no log file because I can not operate program.
If you want shp file, I can send you!!

These are screenshot of the interfce.

Thank you

Thanks, @jihwan. In the first image, where many of the inputs have a red X next to them, and the Run box has a red X, if you click on one of those boxes with a red X, you should see information about what is wrong. Try clicking on the Run button and see what happens.

~ Stacie

Thank you for your reply
After I put the input data all, I could see the error in the picture.
I think there is something wrong my watershed data.
After I put the watershed data, the other input data changed red X.

Thanks for posting the error @jihwan.

When the model says that “Bounding boxes do not intersect”, this means that the spatial layers don’t all appear to cover the same area of interest. This usually happens when one of the layers (likely your watershed shapefile) has a different coordinate system than the other layers.

All of the spatial input layers must have exactly the same projected coordinate system. So check the coordinate systems, reproject the watershed shapefile to have the same projected coordinate system as the other inputs, and see if the error goes away.

~ Stacie


I Solved it.
As you said, there was a problem with the coordinates.
Thank you very much!!

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