InVEST 3.14.0 Release!

Hello Community!

The Natural Capital Project is excited to announce the release of InVEST 3.14.0! There are a lot of significant changes in the latest and greatest, including a big update to the SDR LS Factor along with many bug fixes and quality of life improvements. As always, InVEST can be downloaded from our website. Python binaries are available for python 3.8 and later from the Python Package Index, and also in the conda ecosystem via conda-forge (if you don’t see it yet, it’ll be there soon!).In addition to the LS Factor changes, this release also includes:

  • InVEST is now distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.
  • Updated InVEST logo to use new version with registered trademark symbol.
  • Changing the language setting in the Workench will now cause the app to relaunch
  • RouteDEM now allows the user to calculate Strahler Stream Orders, which will be written to a new vector in the user’s workspace.
  • RouteDEM now allows the user to create a vector of subwatersheds, which are written to a new vector in the user’s workspace.
  • Urban Nature Access classes can now be defined to occupy a proportion of a pixel, such as a park that is semi-developed.
  • A new output for “Accessible Urban Nature” is created for Urban Nature Access, indicating the area of accessible greenspace available to people within the search radius.
  • And many other features and fixes that improve the user’s modeling experience. A full list of changes can be found in the InVEST changelog.

We can not thank you all enough for continuing to use and support InVEST. The discussions and feedback provided on this forum directly impact development and help us improve our models, both science and software.



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