3.9.0 version not according to users guide instructions

Hello! Im new with InVest software and I am taking the Natcap approach course online, I already installed the software but I cant find the way to open the software, the usersguide is not showing what Im looking on the folders, I don´t know if I am missing something. When I open the Invest folder I just see this, and I dont know how to continue. Is there any updated usersguide for the latest version of Invest? pls help thnks

Hi @Lilo97 -

The latest User Guide Introduction can be found online here, and I think it reflects the folder C:\InVEST_3.9.0_x64 correctly.

You should be able to run InVEST from the Windows Start Menu. Look for an InVEST folder, which contains links to each model. If you don’t see InVEST in your Start Menu, then something might have gone wrong with the installation, so let us know and we might be able to help troubleshoot.

~ Stacie

Hello swolny I cant see the InVest in my start menu and I´ve already uninstalled and installed again a couple of times, I´ll be glad if you can help me

@Lilo97, have you tried rebooting your computer? I had the same thing happen once, where InVEST did not show up in the Start menu after I installed it, but was in the Start menu after I rebooted.

If that doesn’t help, I’ll leave it to the software team to help you troubleshoot.

~ Stacie

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Hello thanks for you time answering! But i doesnt work on my cp, I dont know but I have done everything you told me, I uninstalled and installed again and is still showing the same as I sent you in the first image and neither is the InVest icon on my start menu. Pls help I really want to use the software. Thnks

Hi @Lilo97 ,

Sorry you’re having trouble installing InVEST. Could you check out the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\InVEST folder? Below is a screenshot of what I see: