I can't install old version (InVest 3.9.2)

I need the Fisheries model, but I couldn’t find it on InVEST New WorkBench, so I uninstalled it and install the InVest_3.9.2_x64 with the hope I can use the Fisheries model. But I can’t install it, when the installation is finished, I can’t open it, it will be back to the installation process again.

Hi @Meun , thanks for posting here. You are correct that version 3.9.2 was the last version to include the Fisheries model.

Does the installation seem to complete without error? After it completes, your Windows start menu should now list a folder called InVEST_3.9.2_x64. Inside will be one shortcut for each model. If you open the Fisheries model that way, does it work? If not, can you describe what happens?

Here I attached the display when I opened the fisheries model

Thank you, that is helpful. To troubleshoot further, could you please try these steps instead of using the Start menu shortcut:

  1. Open cmd.exe
  2. change directory into the InVEST installation directory using this command: cd C:\Program Files\InVEST_3.9.2-x64\invest-3-x64 (please double-check this path, it may be different for you).
  3. Execute this command: invest.exe --debug run fisheries
  4. Copy the text of the error printed to the cmd window into this thread so we can take a look.

Thank you,

Maybe you can wait a little while and get the open screen