About portfolio translator, I have encountered the following question, can someone help me?

Thanks @nishang1 -

Is it possible that you are running out of computer memory? This can happen if your files are very large or complex. I don’t know what would cause a MemoryError otherwise.

~ Stacie

In this case, I think we’re hitting the 32-bit memory limit for the application, about 4GB (including loaded libraries). RIOS was built before we had really great memory management techniques and utilities in InVEST, so if your landscape has too many pixels (if it’s really fine-grained or very large), you’ll get this error. We unfortunately are unable to provide software development support to RIOS, so the available workarounds are:

  1. Use a coarser resolution for your IPA run
  2. Crop your landscape to only the region you need in your IPA run to see if that helps reduce the number of pixels.

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Hi,@jdouglass, My data are all data from the research area, mainly because my research goals are too many and my data is more than 10GB even if it is compressed, so I want to ask me that I want to get the results of Portfolio Translator, is there any other way?

@swolny It should be caused by too many goals and too much data in my research, I would like to ask if the data is too large, what should I do to get the results of Portfolio Translator?

@nishang1 you can manually do the same process that Portfolio Translator does, using a GIS. Essentially what Portfolio Translator does is this:

1/ Creates new scenario landcover maps, which combine the RIOS IPA activity maps with your baseline landcover raster, creating new landcover classes where a transition occurs to an activity.

2/ Creates a new biophysical table that includes these new landcover classes, and calculates model parameter values for them. (This part will be out of date anyway, since some of our biophysical table parameters have changed over the years).

Then you can use the activity landcover map from step 1 and biophysical table from step 2 as inputs to InVEST, so you can compare the change in service caused by that investment portfolio.

As it happens, I have an old text file that outlines the steps necessary to do this, and you can use it as a guide. It doesn’t provide complete detail, so you’ll need to figure out exactly which GIS tools or techniques to use (there are some suggestions for ArcGIS tools, but not QGIS). I’ve attached it here.

~ Stacie
RIOS_InVEST_manual_HowTo_v2.txt (7.9 KB)

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@swolny ,Uh-huh, ok, again I really appreciate your long help in allowing me to run this software successfully.

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