RIOS Portfolio Translator- only partial load of RIOS Workspace?

My RIOS Portfolio Translator is only partially loading my RIOS Workspace? It says it has successfully loaded my workspace, but there is nothing loaded into or displayed in the Restoration or Agriculture parts of the Portfolio Translator window ….as there are shown in the manual. I get the same situation if I use the Gura sample data set workspace too. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Gordon (user: BVIB)

Hi Gordon -

When I use the Gura sample data in RIOS then load the RIOS Workspace in IPA, IPA does load it correctly, and the Restoration and Agriculture areas are filled in. I’m not sure what could be going wrong with yours, but a few things to check for. 1/ Make sure you’re giving IPA the same Workspace folder as used in RIOS; 2/ Make sure you hit the “Load RIOS Workspace” button in IPA; and 3/ if you set a Suffix for your RIOS output, you need to enter that into the IPA interface too, before hitting Load.

~ Staci

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