Cannot install or download RIOS

I get a message that says “THE APP CANNOT RUN ON THIS PC”

I have a pretty powerful PC for GIS applications so why can’t I run this software? I’m trying to evaluate if it would be useful to our department.

Hi @Sharon -

Please explain in more detail what’s happening. The title of your post indicates that you can’t even download it - is that the case? Or, did you successfully download RIOS, and when you try to install it you get this error message? Or do you get this message when you try to run one of the RIOS tools? If so, which one? If you’re trying to run it and get a series of error messages, it’s helpful for us to see the whole log file, or if there’s no log file, a screenshot showing the other error messages. I’ve not heard of this happening before (and I’ve run RIOS on a really old and tired laptop), so it’s hard to say offhand what’s happening without more information.

~ Stacie