Carbon InVEST Failing

Could you please help me? I’m getting always error with the carbon model.
I don’t understand clearly wether is my table or my map causing the issue.
First of all, of file for the map should I use? is tiff ok, just exported it from GIS?
and xcl file for the table is right?

Thanks for posting. tiff files are ideal for the raster inputs. csv is required for that table.

Anytime you post, please find the logfile (.txt) from the output workspace and upload it here. It includes valuable information about the errors.

Ok Thanks! I will give it a try in the morning again, I was using wrong type of files.

Hello again,
Still cannot make it work!
This is the last error i got
InVEST-InVEST-Carbon-Model-log-2019-11-20–17_34_04.txt (1.7 KB)

HI @El.andreou -

Is it possible that either your carbon pool table or you land use/land cover map has values of type “string” where there need to be numeric values? Check the “Value” column in the land cover type, and the “lucode” and carbon pool values in the .csv table. Make sure they’re all numbers, not strings. Also make sure that the .csv table has values separated by commas, not semicolons. And I see a warning about blank lines, so one last thing is to try removing all blank lines from the end of the .csv, which you’ll need to do in a text editor, not Excel. Try all of these things and let us know how it goes.

~ Stacie

Hi Stacie,

Just to make clear, the “Value” field is the one that should match with the “lucode”? If so, i have that wrong I made “OID” to match with “lucode”

Yes, the Value field in the land use map should match lucode in the table.

Please read the User Guide for the Carbon model. There is a section called Data Needs, which lists all of the requirements of the inputs - data format, units, column name and type, etc, and provides this information.

~ Stacie

Thanks very much, it seems like I made it! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: