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Hello everyone, I have recently been using INVEST and I would like to analyze the carbon sequestered and stored in my territory.
Reading the literature on the subject, many use the value of net primary production (NPP) as a proxy for CSS.
Could you explain to me what is the difference between the calculation of the NPP and the INVEST procedure?

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Hi @antobaro, welcome to the forums!

Depending on the carbon model you’re referring to, I bet the user’s guide chapters on each of the carbon models currently distributed with InVEST will be a helpful reference for considering what, exactly, our carbon models are doing:

Hopefully that’s a good starting point for comparing the models against net primary production!


Hello @jdouglass , thanks for the answer.
I refer to the first, carbon storage and sequestration. In particular, from what I understand, net primary production is a measure of carbon sequestration but does not consider carbon storage. So with the investment model I can also obtain the measurement of carbon storage inside, for example, soils, this can be useful in analyzing, for example, different land use scenarios. Correct?

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Hi @antobaro -

Yes, the Carbon Storage and Sequestration model does calculate carbon storage in 4 carbon pools. It can indeed be useful for analyzing different land use scenarios. Note that the model is very simple, it is not growing trees or considering any sort of complex process. When it calculates sequestration, it is simply calculating storage in current and future conditions, and subtracting the two.

~ Stacie

Thanks Stacie for your clarification.
One last question about input data, does the land cover have to be in raster format or is shape okay too?

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Hi @antobaro -

The land cover must be in raster format. The Data Needs section of the User Guide describes all of the requirements for each model input.

~ Stacie

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