Carbon model outputs are not correct

Hi all!
I have a problem with carbon model, “Total cur” and “Total fut” outputs are the same, so I have a zero “Change in C for fut” and “Net present value from cur to fut”. But the landcover rasters are quite different, can’t understand what’s wrong. I’ve used this model earlier and it was everything ok. Now I’m doing the same and having this problem. Help me, pleaseInVEST-InVEST-Carbon-Model-log-2021-09-16--16_42_48.txt|attachment (3.0 KB)
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Hi @darimchik -

Welcome to the forum! Could you try posting your log file again? It doesn’t seem to have attached. Thanks.

~ Stacie

InVEST-InVEST-Carbon-Model-log-2021-09-16–16_42_48.txt (3.0 KB)

Hi @darimchik,

There are no errors reported in the log file, and I do see that the two LULCs have different filenames. If you haven’t already, double check that these two files are definitely different and that the classes that are changed have different values in the carbon pools table ("./carbon pool boreal.csv").

If you are still stuck, try sharing the two LULC maps with us here. If they are too large to attach, you may have to post them on the cloud (GDrive, Dropbox, etc.) and share a link.


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