Carbon Sequestration Analysis; variation within landuse or across landuse

What do you expect to happen?

Good day everyone,

I succesfully ran my carbon sequestration model, but noticed that the result of my

total carbon content (tot_c_cur.tif) raster data that can be stored in the study area is “EXACTLY” similar to the various Landuse classes. for the study area…

i was expecting to see some variations in the carbon content that can be stored in the area when compared to the landuse classes,

even when i used my swiping tool for the landuse raster on the (tot_c_cur.tif) raster in ArcGIS pro, to compare them, they were completely the same, no slight variation on the carbon content on the landuse
why is this so?


Hi @Tek77 -

The Carbon Sequestration model is extremely simple. All it does is add up the 4 carbon pool values that you provide for each landuse class, converts the value from per hectare to per pixel, and creates a map from it. So all pixels of any particular landuse class will have the same value.

If the entire study area has exactly the same value, with no variation between landuse classes, then that is strange. Please let us know if this is the case.

~ Stacie

Thank you for the reply, @swolny Stacie

Yes, that is the case ( the entire study area has exactly the same value, with no variation between landuse classes…)

I am sending an upload of the two raster outputs for your observation,

—**the first Image is the Landuse **
—the second image is the Total carbon content

Thank you

You’ve got values of between 0 and 6.15 so there is some variation.

Yes, as @wkcmark observes, there are differences between land cover class values, as shown by the legend, and the values appear to correspond to the different land cover class areas, as shown by the differences in color. So it looks correct to me.

~ Stacie

@swolny @wkcmark
Okay, then thank you for your comments and observation, much appreciated

Best Regards

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