Carbon storage and sequestration: uncertainty analysis

Are there best practices for implementing uncertainty analyses for InVEST model? Now, I have calculated the carbon storage with the Carbon Storage and Sequestration model and I have the data of standard deviation of carbon pool. I want to implement an uncertainty analysis. I found the uncertainty analysis function in “生态系统服务评估与权衡(InVEST)模型(3.2.0 版本)使用手册” from:’s%20Guide_Chinese%20Version_20171008.pdf) . But I didn’t find it in InVEST model.

Thanks in advance for all the advises.

Hi @qingyuz, and welcome!

We do not currently provide an uncertainty analysis tool, but we do have several papers that you could check out that describe different methods, which you can access through the Publications page on our website.

For the Carbon model in particular, it is so simple that the main way of expressing uncertainty would be to run the model on a range of possible carbon pool values, using the mean/minimum/maximum of the carbon pool values, or making use of standard deviation, since you have those data. Then you could report the range of outputs that the model provides.

~ Stacie

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Thank you so much for your reply. Your suggestions are very helpful to me! I will try it in the way you suggest!

Qingyu Zeng