Coastal vulnerability no_habitat vs habitat exposure

Hi all!

I was able to generate a coastal vulnerability model using InVEST but upon checking the outputs, some areas that have high exposure risk with natural habitats have a lower risk in no habitat scenarios. I’m just a little bit confused since it was supposed to be the other way around.

Any thoughts?


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Hi @iKonig -

Are you looking at the actual values at each shoreline point, or comparing them visually with low to high colors? The actual exposure values are usually higher with no habitat, but remember that the values are all relative, so the symbology may make it look like some are lower, when the actual values are not. Check this and let us know.

~ Stacie


Hi! @swolny!

Thank you for your answer. You are rightI was able to correct it by setting the same threshold in symbology. The one without habitat has indeed a higher risk values compared to the one with habitats.

Really appreciate your help!

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