How to interpret results of Coastal Vulnerability model

Hi @dave
I’m back again…
I have read through the documentation and watched some videos on Youtube but am not able to present my results in the ways I see in some of the papers I’ve read.

I just need help with understanding and interpreting the results I have and I can take it from there.

Hi @Nomsy , we’re happy to help with specific questions, but I’m not sure where to start. The coastal_exposure.gpkg file contains the final results. It includes a table with the fields described here: Coastal Vulnerability Model — InVEST documentation

This data can be used to address questions such as,
“Where along the coast is most/least at risk to coastal hazards?”
“Where does habitat play the largest/smallest role to reduce that risk?”
“How many people live near the highest/lowest risk areas?” Or near the areas protected most/least by habitats?"

Answering these questions might involve making a series of maps based on the coastal_exposure.gpkg dataset, or other summary tables or charts.

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Hi @Nomsy,

Could you share the papers or speak to how you are looking to present results? InVEST has historically left post processing to the user but if there are common steps that could be automated which help users get closer to a “presentable result” it could be worth exploring in the future.

Thanks for you feedback!


Hi @dave

I saw the coastal_exposure.gpkg file but am not able to interpret what it means as I read in some papers.

I will share the papers I made reference to.

Hi @dcdenu4

I just tried to share the papers using the “upload” icon but I can’t seem to share the papers. So am just going to write out their titles or DOI. I’m sorry for the extra work.

This is it:

  1. Chapter 10 Integrating Ecosystems in Risk Assessments: Lessons from Applying InVEST Models in Data-Deficient Countries by Niloufar Bayani and Yves Barthe´lemy

  2. Ai, B.; Tian, Y.; Wang, P.;
    Gan, Y.; Luo, F.; Shi, Q. Vulnerability
    Analysis of Coastal Zone Based on
    InVEST Model in Jiaozhou Bay,
    China. Sustainability 2022, 14, 6913.
    Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Vulnerability Analysis of Coastal Zone Based on InVEST Model in Jiaozhou Bay, China


  4. Coastal habitats shield people and property from
    sea-level rise and storms by Arkema, K.K., et al., 2013

Hi @dcdenu4

I just had an idea to share the papers via email. They’re attached below:

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