Coastal Vulnerability TypeError expected str - how to interpret logfile?

Am using the CV model for the first time and received the following error
TypeError: expected str, bytes or os.PathLike object, not float

But from the log file I can’t figure out what this is referring to. From a similar post it seems it may be an issue with one of my input files lacking spatial reference, but I can’t interpret which one (and I’ve checked all the files in ArcGIS and they do have). Please help! Log file attached.

InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2021-11-11–14_54_40.txt (4.8 KB)


Hi @mhayden , thanks for posting. I think the problem might be with one of the filepaths embedded in the habitat table csv. The path column of that table needs to be an absolute path or a relative path (relative to the csv). The error is indicating maybe there is a number or a blank value instead? If you can’t figure it out, please share the habitat table csv here.


Thanks @dave! I had a relative filepath issue.

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