'Pandas' object has no attribute 'path'

hello everyone,
i am having trouble at running Coastal Vulnerability model, i keep getting ‘Pandas’ object has no attribute ‘path’ . but i have the path column, i change my directory but still having the error message.
im sorry im new at this.
naturalhabitatTEST.csv (121 Bytes)

Hi @maulanarahmadi,

Thanks for joining the forum! Could you please share your log file from running the model? It should be a .txt file in your workspace directory. That will be really helpful for us to figure out the problem.

Hello esoth, this is the latest log file
thanks for helping :smiley:
InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2020-09-11–03_20_27.txt (2.6 KB) InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2020-09-11–03_20_27.txt (2.6 KB)

Hi @maulanarahmadi,

It looks like this is happening because your CSV file is separated with semicolons rather than commas. Because of this the software isn’t reading your file correctly. It won’t show up in spreadsheet programs like Excel, but if you open the file in a plain text editor, you’ll be able to see the ‘;’ and replace them with ‘,’
Your spreadsheet program may also have an option to save to a comma-separated file.

I hope that helps!

thanks esoth ill try it :smiley:

Hello Emily,
I have try it and it works, but i get another error named “object of too small depth for desired array” do you know why it is?
InVEST-Coastal-Vulnerability-log-2020-09-12–20_08_48.txt (2.0 MB)

Thankyou so much,

Hi @maulanarahmadi, I see that you’ve followed up about this new issue in a new thread over at Object of too small depth for desired array. Thanks for creating a new thread for it!


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