Crop Production Model

Hello! I am a new user of InVEST and was trying to understand how the crop production model works and the results that one can attain from the same. I found the user guide not very clear with regard to the output of the model. If someone could lend their knowledge with regard to this, it would be great!

Hi @anjaney.singh ,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting! Sorry the User’s Guide wasn’t very helpful in explaining the model. Could you be more specific about what you’re having trouble understanding? If you asked a few detailed questions I bet we could get some better answers. In the mean time, check out these other forum posts related to the model that might be helpful!



Hello Doug!

Thank you for your response to my post. The additional forum chats were very useful in clearing my understanding of the model. Although, there are still certain questions that I have in my mind:

  1. Does the LULC map for the inputs need to contain the crop detail or other features, such as forestry, barren land, etc?
  2. With regard to the percentile and regression models, what is the output and what does it tell us?
  3. The percentile and regression yields also give results for crops not grown in the area of interest. Is the yield available for all crops in the dataset and what is its relation to the LULC input?

Hope these are more specific questions regarding the model.
Looking forward to your comments on the same!


I would like to add one more question. When I ran the crop production model, some “observed values” (e.g., area, production, nutrients) for some crops returned 0. I am assuming there are no calculated values in these crops because they don’t align with the climate rasters. Is this the case? Or is there another explanation?

Thank you very much,

Hi @anjaney.singh , I’ll try to address each question,

From the User’s Guide: " Land-Use/Land-Cover Map (required). Raster of land use/land cover (LULC) for each pixel, where each unique integer represents a different land use/land cover class. These integers are used in the Landcover to Crop Table to map landcover classes to specific crops."

So the LULC values should represent crops, and the “landcover to crop table” defines that mapping.

This User’s Guide section describes the results. Crop Production — InVEST documentation
And this thread discusses interpreting results also. Primary output of the model Crop Production (result_table_[Suffix].csv)

Please ask a more specific question if you have any.

Could you describe or share the outputs you are looking at? I believe the results for each crop should be masked to the LULC pixels representing that crop. And the yield elsewhere will be 0 or nodata. Results should be given for only the crops listed in the “landcover to crop” input table.

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Hi @angelica , there might be different reasons to explain this. If “area” is 0, does this crop actually exist in the LULC raster? If nutrient results are 0, what does the “model_data/crop_nutrient.csv” table list for that particular crop & nutrient? Maybe the crop does not contain that particular nutrient?

If there are still things you can’t explain, it could be helpful to share the data here so we can see exactly what you are looking.

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