Crop Production Output Rasters

I have what is hopefully a quick question about the crop production raster output. The users guide describes the output raster yield files with the following ‘These rasters represent the production rate of that crop per pixel.’ Does that mean that each pixel value represents total tons (as in the carbon model) or tons/ha?

Hi @lssmart,

The outputs of the Crop Production model should represent metric tons of production per pixel per year. So if the pixel size changes, the values should scale accordingly. I’ve updated the User’s Guide chapter to reflect this.


Thanks so much for the quick response!

Did you run the crop production mode successfully?

Hi @ jdouglass
I am very new for InVEST model. i know the function of InVST but i am not familiar with this software.
I have my land cover data with 5 classes ( urban. farm land , forest , grass. water) and I have crop data of this area (Maize, Rice and wheat )
what is directory to model data why we need .
How to prepare land cover to crop table ?
How to prepare fertilization rate table path( Csv)
Please help me how to prepare and run the crop production and crop production regression model. I can run the carbon storage model.

Hi @SRN, Welcome to the forum. Have you read the User’s Guide yet?

Specifically, the “Data Needs” section addresses most of your questions. If you have further questions after reading the manual, please start a “New Topic” with your questions.

Thank you,

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Dear Dave
Thank you very much for your reply. I read user guide but not understand about the crop and lulc code. In my LULC data I put LULC code accordingly.
lucode Class name
1 urban
2 Cultivated
3 Forest
4 Water
5 Grass
In this case how to prepare this table (land cover to crop table)
Paddy ( rice) - 4 (in ton/ha)
Wheat - 3 (in ton/ha)
Maize - 3.5 (in ton/ha)

Hi @SRN -

When you installed InVEST, did you also install sample data? If so, there will be a folder in your installation folder called sample_data/CropProduction/sample_user_data, which has tables (and other model inputs) that you can use as an example for how to format your own data. If you didn’t install it when you installed InVEST, you can download the sample data here.

~ Stacie

Hi @swolny
Thank you very much for your reply. I read this value and format there is mentioned
barley 1
wheat 20
soybean 1000
I understand 1, 20 and 1000 is lucode .If so, in this case we don’t need to follow the LULC class in this table (land cover to crop table) ?. Please give me more idea.

Hi @SRN, The lucode numbers in your table should match with the pixel values in the LULC raster input that you use. If you like, you may upload the CSV table that you are working with and we can look at it. If you are running the model and receiving an error, please also upload the logfile (txt file) that is produced.