Crop Production _ Regression Model


I’m using the Crop Production InVEST model, and I’m reading that "For 12 staple crops for which yields have been modeled globally by Mueller et al. (2011), the Crop Production Regression model can provide estimates of yields given fertilizer inputs. These crops include barley, maize, oil palm, potato, rapeseed, rice, rye, soybean, sugar beet, sugar cane, sunflower, and wheat."

Would it be possible to analyze other crops? How?

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Hi @marco.guzzetti, I’ve pinged our staff about this and hope to hear back soon.

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Sorry for the late reply. If you need the model to include fertilizer as an input to the yield predictions, then it would be a very large amount of work to extend the model beyond the currently included crops. However, the Crop Production model also has a yield-gap based approach (called the percentile model), which includes 175 crops. I’d suggest checking that out if you don’t need fertilizer as an input.

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Hello @jandrewjohnson,

thank you for your reply. In other words, let’s say that I can find the fertilizer inputs by doing independent research for one crop that it is not included in the 12 sample crops of the regression model, but that it is included within the 175 crops of the percentile model; would I be able to run the regression model?

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