Questions about crop production

I’m using INVEST model to evaluate ecosystem services with the different scenarios of development.
With crop production, I’m now want to see how the land-use change will affect the ability of crop production. So I decided to use the regression model to reflect the land-use change more accurately.

However, now I’m concerned about using the percentile model. Because I don’t have any data about how much the soil properties would be changed with different land-use. Therefore, I think the percentile model is simple but intuitive to show the ability of crop production.

How do you think about this topic?

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Hi @Yohan, thanks for posting.

You may have already figured this out, but if you do not have data about fertilization rates for each crop, then you will not be able to use the Regression model.

Neither version of the model deals with variation in soil types. In that respect, it is designed more for analysis at scales where climate, rather than soil characteristics, are the primary driver of yield.

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