Crop production regression

Hey guys, I can run the model and get my results. But here are some problem in result_table_[Suffix].csv, that my production_modeled result is negative.Not only my production is negative, all the results of using the model are negative,such as Protein_modeled and Lipid_modeled.
All my inputs are from the documentation except LULC map.
Please help me! Here is my screenshot.

result table

Attach the Crop Production Raster’s screenshot.

Hi @AndreaHan, what version of InVEST are you running? We released a fix to an issue with Crop Production in InVEST 3.8.6 that could have caused these negative values. Updating to InVEST 3.8.6 or later will be a very good start if you are running an earlier version.

And if you’re using a more recent version of InVEST, could you attach or provide a link to your logfile so we can take a closer look?


I’m using the vision of 3.7.0. I’ll try the new vision.Thank you very much!
And here is my logfile. I don’t know if it is helpful.

InVEST-Crop-Production-Regression-Model-log-2020-07-23–16_19_22.txt (31.2 KB)

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Great, thanks! Nothing really stands out here as having gone wrong, so definitely try out the latest version of InVEST and see if that resolves the issue for you and let us know how it goes!


Hi jdouglass,
I just used the latest version and got the positive number! That’s really helpful! THANKS!!!
But I can’t download the latest vision of sample_data\CropProduction data , so I use the vision of 3.7.0 instead of this dataset. In case it affects the result, I wonder if there are any differences between these two datasets especially in the climate-bin-maps?
In addition, I try to change the extended_climate_bin_maps.However, I actually got lower number in the places with high climate.Here is my logfile.

InVEST-Crop-Production-Regression-Model-log-2020-08-24–18_55_10.txt (32.3 KB)

To the best of my knowledge, there shouldn’t have been any changes to the climate bins data since InVEST 3.7.0, judging by our changelog, so using the climate bins from 3.7.0 shouldn’t affect the result.

I’m not completely surprised that changing the extended_climate_bin_maps would change your modelling results, but that also isn’t a way that we intended the model to be used, so I don’t suggest doing that.

Copy that.I really appreciate your help, it helped me a lot!

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