Csv : A threat raster for threats: [...] was not found or it could not be opened by GDAL

  • Do you know how to solve this problem?

Please see this thread which solves the same error. Your threat rasters must all be located relative to the directory containing your threat table D:\habitat quality\.

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Thanks for your answer, but I can’t solve this problem yet. All of my threat rasters locate relative to the directory containing my threat table D:\habitat quality.

Hi @JCJC -

One thing I want to verify is that you have edited the files “threats_willamette.csv” and “sensitivity_willamette.csv” with your own values. I ask because those files still have the names of the sample data files (which are from the Willamette Valley, Oregon, U.S). My guess is that you used them as templates and just didn’t change the file names, which is fine, but many people have gotten errors when they’ve tried to mix sample data with their own data.

~ Stacie

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Thank you for answering my question. But I didn’t try to mix sample data with myown data.I think there should be no problem with my data.

Could you please share your threats table?

No problem

Hi @JCJC ,

Thanks for sharing what your threats CSV looks like. From your screenshot of the model User Interface, the location of the threats CSV file is D:\habitat quality\. From your screenshot of the threats CSV the CUR_PATH column is showing absolute file paths to the threat rasters instead of relative paths. From the Users Guide:

InVEST will not prompt you for these rasters in the tool interface but will instead look for their filepaths in the Threats data table under the corresponding scenario columns. The paths should be relative to the Threats data table path.

So, instead of D:\ecology\data\manre_c.tif in the CUR_PATH column, you would want ..\ecology\data\manre_c.tif. The .. signifies “up one directory level”.

An easier approach might be to move your threat rasters from D:\ecology\data to D:\habitat quality. Then for CUR_PATH you would have: manre_c.tif.

It is a bit confusing, let us know if you still have questions.

The problem has already been settled. Thank you so much ! :grin:


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