Habitat Quality threat rasters not found or could not be opened with GDAL

when i use habitat quality, i can’t import threats ,always like “was not found or could not be opened by GDAL”

Welcome to the forums! Could you attach the full logfile from your latest run of habitat quality where you encountered this error? This will be a text file in the output workspace. This will help us pinpoint where the issue is.


first of all ,thank you for help me,i try to a Ecological restoration, but i have no idea with habitat quality,my problem is i even can’t run , of course i don’d get a logfile :joy:

Oh! This is a little different than I was expecting.

Could you click on that red “X” and copy the full text here into the forums thread?

sure, thank you. A threat raster for threats:[(‘crops’,‘cur_path’),(‘railroad’,‘cur_path’),(‘urban’,‘cur_path’),(‘timber’,‘cur_path’),(‘roads1’,‘cur_path’),(‘roads2’,‘cur_path’)]was not found or it could not be opened by GDAL.

my Arcgis is 10.2 and python 2.7.

Ah, ok, I think I see what the issue here is! The model expects that your various threat paths (crops_c.tif, railroad_c.tif, etc.) to be in the exact place that your threats CSV describes, relative to the location of the threats CSV.

Since it looks like you’re using the InVEST sample data, here’s what the file layout would look like, all within the same folder:

The CSV and the threats rasters must all exist in that folder. Could you confirm that they are there in the same folder and see if that clears up the issue? If not, could you screenshot what your HabitatQuality folder looks like?



they are there in the same folder ,but


Hi @xiamanshu ,

Sorry you’re still having issues with this.

Could you screenshot or share your Threats Data CSV table?

Could you screenshot the folder and files where the threats.csv file lives?



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Thank you! i’ve solved it.Thanks a lot!


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