Database error about sdr

when I input database or file in SDR,it shows up that bounding box do not intersect.How can I deal with it.

Hi @Huang -

This question has been asked many times on the forum, so try doing a search for the error message - like this - and see if any of the suggestions help. If they do not help, let us know what you tried and post the whole log file that the model produces (.txt file) in your Workspace.

~ Stacie


I’ve seen it, but it doesn’t help that it still happens.How can I deal with it.

Hi @Huang ,

The error indicates that your geospatial inputs (rasters and vectors) do not all overlap one another. For instance it appears that the WATERT.shp does not overlap the tif files CSJDEM.tif. Could you open these files in a QGIS or ArcGIS and make sure they have the same projections and are in linear untis of meters?

Per the users guide: SDR: Sediment Delivery Ratio — InVEST documentation

Note that all GIS inputs must be in the same projected coordinate system and in linear meter units.