There is a error in the database that I can't fix in SDR

I need help fixing this error even though the database is of type (tif).

All input files must be georeferenced in the same way. check it out

Hi @Mostafa -

As @BiancaBendito said, all of the spatial inputs to SDR must have the same projected (with distance units in meters) coordinate system. Look at the properties of your DEM and erodibility in the GIS and compare their coordinate systems with your land use and rainfall erosivity rasters. And use the Project Raster (ArcGIS) or Warp (QGIS) tool to reproject the DEM and erodibility so they all match.

If the layers do not have a coordinate system assigned at all, you’ll probably need to go back to the original data, find out which one they started out with, and retrace your steps to make sure that the coordinate system gets assigned and/or reprojected properly.

~ Stacie