Does InVEST apply any kind of filter when retrieving the photo data from flickr?

I am currently retrieving my own photos from flickr to compute the impact of some variables on recreation and I would like to compare the results with those of InVEST. I read papers where flickr photos are selected using a set of tags.

I assume you just retrieve all of them but I need to be sure. Do you apply some filter to exclude photos that are not likely to be related to recreational activities or tourism?

Besides. I can only access the annual mean of photo-user-days or monthly means. It would be interesting for me to have access to the raw photo data of the server. I read the documentation of the model in github but I could not find anything useful for that purpose. Is there any may to download the raw flickr photo data for a given AOI?

Thank for your time,

Hi @david , thanks for your questions,

No filters are applied. All public photos with a lon/lat coordinate pair are included.

No we don’t provide that level of access to the data. We recommend you go straight to the Flickr API if you have a need for the raw data, and it sounds like you’re doing exactly that.


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