How InVEST categorized Cultural Ecosystem Services from Flickr

Hello, As part of my PhD research, I am comparing participatory mapping methods and the location of Cultural Ecosystem Services in a town in Portugal. I am not running the model, but using the available data gathered from 2005 to 2014 from Flickr and inserted into InVEST. In order to make a fruitful comparison, I need information about how InVEST classified the pictures into the category of “Visitation: Tourism and recreation”. Was it used the tag or the description of the photo-user-day?

Any help will be highly appreciated!

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Hi @MariaHr18 , we did not filter the Flickr photographs at all before including them in InVEST. All photographs that are geotagged and in the public domain are included.


Thank you Dave, by public domain you also refer fully urbanized landscapes? For examples, pictures taken from/to avenues, road infrastructures, transportation systems, housing buildings and so forth?

Hi @MariaHr18 , I just meant all photos that people chose to upload to a public Flickr account, where anyone can view them, as opposed to a private account.

Ok, now I understand better. Do you know any reference, paper or book chapter, in which this explained? We used the guideline of the InVEST software, but the minors about the way the flickr pictures is not specified.
Thank you