Does the lake itself not calculate the water yield?

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There is no PAWC in the lake area, so the lake is vacant in the raster for calculating water yield. Is this correct?

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Want to know if the calculation is correct.
Please help me.Your answer will be of great help to me, and I hope to get an answer.

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This lake is so big that almost all the runoff in the basin flows here. Evapotranspiration, precipitation and other data include the lake area, and only the PAWC is missing in this area. Will this result still be correct?

Attach the logfile here:

The white area in the picture is the lake, and the final result shows that the lake area is Nodata.

Hi @vivian -

Anywhere one of the input rasters has NoData values, the model will have NoData in the output. Soil data is often missing in areas where there are water bodies. If you search this forum, you’ll find other posts where we talk about this, and possible ways to fill in those values if you want to do that.

One thing about the Annual Water Yield model is that it does not route water downslope, or take into consideration the location of streams/lakes, so there’s nothing in the model to indicate that most of the runoff in the basin flows here.

~ Stacie

When I populate the PAWC for the lake area to 0, the total water yield in the wyield table decreases, but there are no more gaps in the raster results. The water production in the lake area is 0, and there is no problem with the rest.
Thank you very sincerely for your answer, it helped me a lot.