Water yield output probelm

Hi, My InVEST water yield output didnot show.please help me check the probelm.
output.zip (8.3 KB)
水源涵养数据.zip (310.1 KB)

wy_biophysical table.csv (130 Bytes)

Thanks for sharing your data, @fiona. I’m seeing several issues:

  • The Watershed shapefile does not look like a watershed, it looks like a lot of very small (90m) squares that cover part of a grid pattern, and do not seem to overlap with your other spatial data. You’ll need to go back and create a watershed that covers your area of interest.

  • The PAWC layer has large integer values, not the fractional 0-1 values required.

  • The spatial layers each have a slightly different coverage, so you’ll have a lot of missing data in the model output where any of the layers have NoData values.

The way we usually clip model data for the freshwater models is this:

1/ Create the watershed for your area of interest.

2/ Create a buffer around the watershed that’s at least as wide as the size of the coarsest input raster. This is particularly important in your case, where the data is very coarse (8km), so if you don’t create a buffer, you’ll be missing a lot of data around the watershed boundary.

3/ Clip your other data layers to this buffered polygon.

4/ Use the non-buffered watershed as the Watershed input to the model. For the other spatial inputs (rasters), use the buffered, clipped versions, so they entirely cover your watershed. Having data outside of the watershed is ok.

Give these suggestions a try and see if you have a successful run.

~ Stacie


Thank you for your time.@swolny

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