Strange Water Yield output

Hi, My InVEST water yield model looks a bit strange. Although the model ran successfully but the out per pixel water yield is not continuous raster.
My inputs of all layers are continuous raster with no data gaps.
Please find attached the screenshot of Output per pixel water yield file

. If required I could share my input layers also.
Also attached all output files
Thanks & regards

Hi @sumit -

Thanks for posting the log file and outputs. It’s not obvious to me what’s happening, so please do post your inputs too and I’ll take a look. Thanks.

~ Stacie

Thank you for your reply.
Please find attached link containing input layers.
Biophysical layer name - bio4

Thanks for posting your inputs. The problem is that you have assigned a value of -1 for all of the root_depth entries in the biophysical table. It is ok to assign a value of -1 for the land use types that have a value of 0 for LULC_veg, but the others (LULC_veg = 1) must have root_depth value >= 0.

When I ran the model with these root_depth entries filled in with test values of 100, I got results across the whole watershed, except for an area where the PAWC layer has a value of NoData. The model will only produce results where all rasters have numeric values, so check this area out in pawc.tif and fill it in if appropriate.

~ Stacie

Thank you Stacie for helping with the model. I have ran the model and the water yield volume (108 Billion cubic meter) seems to be very high with respect to the state water resource department estimate of around 25 Billion cubic meter. Given the state of Rajasthan where around 10% is Thar desert and 60% of the state is arid region.
This value seems to be too high, are there any possible errors or data gaps in the input files?