Globio AttributError: 'None Type' has no attribute 'ExportToWkb'

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hi @swolny, @dcdenu4
Can you plz help me in solving this. I got this new error in running globio model.How can i resolve this issue?

Hi @rbisht,

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Do you think you could attach your entire text log file that is generated by the model into your workspace?


I apologize for posting in another topic.
I am attaching you the log file. plz checkInVEST-GLOBIO-log-2020-04-06–12_35_19.txt (9.1 KB)

Hi @rbisht,

Given what I can see in the logfile, is it possible that your AOI vector has a feature (or multiple features) without a geometry? It looks like InVEST is crashing because it’s expecting a geometry for all features in the AOI, but it’s unable to find a geometry for at least one feature.


Hi @jdouglass,
Thankyou so much for your great help. It works finally.

hi @jdouglass,
One thing i want to confirm that MSA Values could be negative also in AOI?
InVEST-GLOBIO-log-2020-04-07–17_43_14.txt (7.8 KB) Globio_AOI_attribute.csv (22.2 KB)

Hi @rbisht, I do not think that I’d expect the model to produce negative msa_mean values, and it’s possible that these negative values are the result of some misconfiguration of your inputs. Could you share your inputs with us here so we can take a look?


Hi @jdouglass,
I am sharing you the AOI which has generated and the log file with it. Please let me know the issue and the solution to resolve it.

Rajani BishtInVEST-GLOBIO-log-2020-04-07–16_51_37.txt (12.2 KB) (407.9 KB)

Thanks for sharing your outputs, but would you please share your model inputs so that we can pinpoint the issue?

Hi @jdouglass,
Thankyou for your response, I am sharing you the shapefile of the AOI. Please check the (412.0 KB) (398.3 KB)

@rbisht, I’m happy to take a look, but in order to do so, I need to see the complete set of model inputs so that I can reproduce the issue. It looks like you’ve only uploaded your AOI vectors. For your sample data, that means I need to see these files and folders (based on your logfile):

  1. E:/ELD_Final_16.10.19/Villages_shapefile/Datia/bene_2018_re.shp
  2. E:/ELD_Final_16.10.19/Villages_shapefile/Datia/INVEST/GLOBIO/bene_2018_new.tif
  3. E:/ELD_Final_16.10.19/Villages_shapefile/Datia/INVEST/GLOBIO/INFRA_DIR_BENE_18
  4. E:/INVEST/invest_3.7.0_data_globio/globio/msa_parameters.csv

Feel free to share those inputs over some filesharing service like dropbox or google drive if that’s easiest.