Globio model KeyError in load_msa_parameter_table

Hello everyone,

my name is Petros and I am currently doing my internship and I need to run GLOBIO.
I initially run it several times (with changing parameters), via the InVEST suite but the outputs were not close to what it was expected to get.
Then the next step was to reclassify based not according to the land cover classes that were recommended , but to reclassify based on classes that I identified.Then when running the model I faced the following executing errors:

Could you assist me, in order to solve this executing error?

Hi @pante003,
You’re getting this error because your MSA parameter table is missing a required row. It must contain a row where MSA_type is msa_lu and Value is 8, like in the example table in the user’s guide. (I’m sorry, the documentation about this table is rather confusing, and I don’t fully understand it myself). I think you need to use the GLOBIO LULC codes in this table, not your own.

Can you share your MSA parameter table?

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Hi @esoth these are the 2 tables that I am using, so the idea was to assign different numbers than the given ones in the template and create my own classes. I did it according to the template but the results were not realistic.
Thank you.
Landover_Table.csv (197 Bytes)
MSAtable.csv (920 Bytes)

Hi @pante003,
I would try simply adding the two rows for codes 8 and 9 to your MSA table:

It looks like you’re not using these landcover classes are not used in your dataset, so it should have no effect. It should just let the model run (because it expects to find these classes in particular).

We should update the model to allow running without these codes.

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Hi @esoth , it works. Thank you very much for your help.

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