Guidelines for posting software support questions

We love hearing from users of our software, even when things aren’t working quite as expected. Here are some guidelines for creating an effective post and getting timely software support.

  1. Use the search tool on this forum to see if anyone else has encountered the same issue, maybe there’s already a solution available.

  2. If searching did not turn up a solution, create a “New Topic” and choose the “NatCap Software Support” category.

  3. Choose a descriptive title, Maybe include the name of the model or software library you’re using, and a phrase describing the problem or error.

  4. If you’re asking about an InVEST model issue, always upload the logfile from the model’s output workspace. Use the “Upload” button to do this when creating a topic.

  5. After getting feedback on your first issie, if you encounter a new unrelated issue, please create an New Topic for the new issue. That makes it easier for others to find later.

Thanks for posting!