Habitat Quality Decay error

I have been struggling with various errors on the Habitat quality module. Now it’s giving me this error.

Hello @EphraimZW,

This error means that the model can’t find the DECAY field in your threats CSV. Common causes for this include that there are spaces around the field name (" DECAY" is different from "DECAY"), or that your CSV is using semicolons as delimiters instead of commas. I would suggest opening up your CSV in a text editor such as Notepad and seeing if either of these are the case.

If that doesn’t do the trick, could you attach your full logfile from this run (which should have been written to your workspace) and your threats CSV?


Thank you jdouglass for the assistance. Let me try doing it. Just in case I continue to encounter the problem can I get your direct assistance via email?

It’s usually better to keep as much of the discussion here on the forums so that the solution that works for you can be found by others :slight_smile: If you need to share private data or something, you should be able to direct-message me through the forums here, outside of this thread.

Hi Jdouglass

Please find the attachment of the CSV files and assist me where im getting it wrong.

sensitivity gonarezhou11.csv (336 Bytes) Threats Gonarezhou1.csv (96 Bytes)

Ah, looks like there was a space after the DECAY column name. Could you try this corrected table?Threats Gonarezhou1.csv (95 Bytes)