Habitat Quality Model Error

I am getting an error when running the Habitat Quality Model and I would appreciate if someone could help me find out what is causing it.

InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2022-04-01–11_29_09.txt (5.6 KB)

Hi @gsggwxd ,

Thanks for writing in with your issue.

Please ensure that every row in “threat.csv” has either “linear” or “exponential” listed under the “DECAY” column (as described in the User Guide here). Be sure that each instance is spelled correctly and contains no extra spaces or characters. If you are still having trouble, upload “threat.csv” here so we can examine it.


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Hi @gsggwxd welcome to the forums!

From your logfile (thanks for providing that, by the way), it looks like an extra space snuck in at the end of one of those DECAY column values. So, "exponential " instead of "exponential". Could you try this with your threats table and see if that corrects the issue?

We’ll also try to fix this in InVEST so that it won’t be an issue in the future.