Habitat quality output: why is better quality in cropland and residential areas?

The deg_sum_c_hab_out.tif value range from 0-0.429558 and quality_c_hab_out.tif range from 0-0.9999. The confusion come from the quality output where the better habitat seems to fall in residential area and cropland area. Your help will be appreciated.

Hi @Cksergio -

Can you please say what the colors in the habitat quality map and deg_output map mean? Which color is high and which is low?

~ Stacie

Red shows high value aproaching 1 and blue present low value 0. @swolny

HI @Cksergio,

It’s hard to say what might be happening without more information related to the threat rasters and corresponding biophysical tables. If you look in the intermediate output folder you should see some [threat]_filtered_c.tif rasters. These rasters should reflect each threats impact on the landscape. Could you take a look at those and see if they are what you expect?



Thank you @dcdenu4
There was a problem in threat and sensitivity data. The mistake was to give habitat value of 1 to both cropland and built-up, which is not okay.
I think the problem is solved.

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