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hello everyone,
I’ve been running the HAbitat Quality model and It runs without errors, however the results only have data for a section of the area of interest, I’ve checked and all threads and landcover maps have the same area, so I dont know why it only have results for a portion of the area. It should have results for the whole area.

I’ve verified the threads and sensitivity tables, the coordinate system, the half saturation value, the extent of all layers (i’m using invest 3.12.1)
cheking the intermediate folder, It appears that the issue has someting to do with the filtered rasters of amenazadeslizamiento and amenazacambioclimatico, since both of the filtered rasters are clipped

habitat.zip (336.9 KB)
deg_sum_c_buc.tif (815.2 KB)
InVEST-Habitat-Quality-log-2023-04-12–04_59_41.txt (53.6 KB)
quality_c_buc.tif (752.8 KB)

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Hi @Gperilla , thanks for sharing your data. I cannot explain the incomplete results. But I do not see this problem with the latest version of InVEST (3.13.0), so please try it out. It includes this change:

The model now uses an euclidean distance implementation for decaying
threat rasters both linearly and exponentially. Since InVEST 3.3.0 a
convolution implementation has been used, which reflected how
the density of a threat or surrounding threat pixels could have an
even greater, cumulative impact and degradation over space. However, this
was never properly documented in the User’s Guide and is not the approach
taken in the publication. The convolution implementation also produced
degradation and quality outputs that were difficult to interpret.
There should be a noticeable runtime improvement from calculating
euclidean distances vs convolutions.


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