Habitat Risk Assessment Output error (visualization fails)

Dear colleague, I have been using the Habitat Risk Assessment model as a habitat risk assessment in v3.8. The model runs successfully, however, the summary statistics excel file is empty. Also, the rasters generated by the model do not show anything, in GIS nor http://marineapps.naturalcapitalproject.org/. I wanted to know if I can have some assistance with this. Model inputs and problematic run logfile are attached. Thank you!
HRA_forum data.zip (34.4 KB)

Hey @danniherbst

Thanks for posting to the forums. I’ll take a look at this today.



Hi @danniherbst,

I was able to troubleshoot the issue. HRA was having trouble handling your input files projections. I ended up opening your inputs into QGIS and reprojecting all the shapefiles to EPSG:32724
WGS 84 / UTM zone 24S
. I have included a zip that has all the files I changed (all prefixed with projected), as well as those file name changes reflected in the input CSV files. I also included the outputs the model returned.

We’ll look into what was causing the projections to bust, but if you are moving forward it might be best to try putting all of your inputs into the same projection ahead of time.

Forum-Troubleshoot.zip (66.8 KB)



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