Habitat Risk Assessment - FileNotFoundError in intermediate outputs

I’m running the habitat model, and one of the habitat/stressor combinations cannot locate the .pickle file within intermediate outputs when calculating the zonal stats.

I have attached the log file to help with the issue:
InVEST-Habitat-Risk-Assessment-log-2022-04-08–21_45_55.txt (867.6 KB)


Welcome to the forum @Amy1 and thanks for posting your logfile!

My best guess here is that the model is getting tripped up with the mixed path separators. Could you try changing your workspace from

C:/Users/NYI91156/OneDrive - Mott MacDonald/Cyprus/Model Files/Habitat Risk Assessment/Output


C:\\Users\\NYI91156\\OneDrive - Mott MacDonald\\Cyprus\\Model Files\\Habitat Risk Assessment\\Output

And see if that does the trick?

For the sake of testing, it might be worth temporarily putting the resolution a bit higher so it doesn’t take another 8 hours to try this out. Maybe set it to 100 or 500 for the time being?

Let us know how this goes!

Hi James,

Thanks for your suggestion. I changed the workspace and it didn’t like it (see log!)

InVEST-Habitat-Risk-Assessment-log-2022-04-12–11_45_52.txt (41.0 KB)

I merged the habitat in question with the other Pseudo-steppe habitats, and the error went away. So seems something may have been wrong with the original shapefile? Either way - sorted now. Thanks!

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Yep, it did not like it at all! Thanks for the update.

I’m glad merging the two vectors solved the issue, though. I’ll mark this thread as resolved.

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