Help with sdr ValueError

Hello, Can you please help me with this error on my SDR run? Thank you and God bless!

InVEST-Sediment-Delivery-Ratio-Model-(SDR)-log-2019-10-04–09_31_09.txt (6.7 KB)

Hi @anniemaeinson -

The error indicates that the model is finding the following values in your land use/land cover map, but they do not appear in your biophysical table:
[-3.402823e+38 7.000000e-03 8.000000e-02 2.000000e-01 3.000000e-01]

The first value is probably related to a NoData value - can you verify that you have a NoData value set for the raster, and if not, set one? And check to see if those other values appear in the LULC map. They really shouldn’t, since the LULC values need to be integer, not floating point. So if the LULC raster is floating point, try creating one that is of type integer, make sure that it has a NoData value, and then make sure that all of the integer values in the LULC raster appear in your biophysical table. Then let us know if any of that helps.

~ Stacie