Hi everyone! I have a question. How do i run the InVest Coastal Vulnerability model and how do i generate scenarios?

Hi everyone!
I have a question. How do I run the InVest coastal vulnerability model and how do I generate scenarios?

Hi @Nomsy , to get a better answer, please start by reading the User Guide, running the model with the sample data or your own data, and then follow-up here with more specific questions and also describing what you have already tried. Thank you,



Hi Dave,
I will do so. Thanks

Hi Dave,
I have read through the manual and watched the webinar on InVest Coastal Vulnerability model, I have a better understanding now though I have some questions.

My study area is Rivers State, Nigeria.

These are some of the questions I have:

  1. What informed the decision of the 5km distance into the sea/
  2. What year did you choose for the bathymetry data?
  3. What year and month did you choose for the wind and wave and why? (I’m aware that there is wave and wind data that comes with the InVest Model).
  4. How did you arrive at the values for the;
    a. model resolutions (meters)
    b. maximum fetch distance (meters)
    c. elevation ranking radius (meters)
    d. geomorphology fill value
    e. population search radius (meters)
  5. Can I use the map of the study area as my Area of Interest (AOI) and Landmass? And how did you derive the landmass?
  6. How did you divide your shoreline into segments?
  7. What does the shoreline ID mean and what do the numbers underneath it mean and how do I apply the numbers to my results?

I’m sorry my questions are too many but I need to understand these so I can apply same to my research work.

I look forward to hearing from you.


I’m not sure what you refer to here.

I don’t think bathymetry varies too much year to year. I’m not sure what year is represented by the sample data, but the more recent the better I suppose.

I believe this data was created in 2014, and it should represent conditions from many years prior to that. For example, please see WAVEWATCH III® 30-year Hindcast Phase 2

The landmass should be a polygon layer that depicts the coastline you are interested in. There are many public datasources, for example https://www.naturalearthdata.com/
Please see the User’s Guide for details on how to create the AOI: Coastal Vulnerability Model — InVEST documentation
Also look at the sample data included when you install invest to see how the AOI looks relative to the landmass.

I’m not sure what you’re referring to exactly. The model itself will create shore points at regular intervals along the coastline.

These are just a unique ID for each shore point. They don’t have any meaning in terms of the results. But they can be used to relate the data in one output table to that in another output table.

There is no “correct” number for any of these parameters. Please see this other thread for more information. Coastal Vulnerability parameters: model resolution, max fetch distance, elevation radius

Most important: I encourage you to try running the model with whatever data you have, as soon as you can. Do not worry about getting the parameters or the data perfect first. You can always update them and re-run the model.

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