How to get the Habitat Sustainability Score with respect to a specific river and its surrounding?

I have the raster data of my river, the concentration of contaminant as a threat, but I am not able to figure out the source of HSS. I have gone through the Habitat Quality Assessment Score but its value is between 1 to 100 whereas the Habitat Sustainability Score value as per the INVEST requirement has to be between 0 and 1.

Hi @abhi_4889,
Sorry, I’m not sure what you are referring to with the “Habitat Quality Assessment Score” and the “Habitat Sustainability Score”. If you mean the habitat suitability score, that is something you need to choose based on a review of literature, talking with experts, etc. It will also depend on whether you want to study the quality of habitat for a particular species, group of species, or all species.

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Thank you very much for your attention, I want to know more about the HABITAT SUSTAINABILITY SCORE, I have tried for the literature regarding this for my river but there is no past studies with this kind. So, I want to know related sources so that I can get the HSS for all the species.

Hi @abhi_4889 -

Neither our Habitat Quality model nor our Habitat Risk Assessment model have an input called the “habitat sustainability score”, so we don’t understand what you’re referring to. Are you sure you’re working with InVEST models and not a different model? If you’re working with our models, can you explain what the “habitat sustainability score” is?

~ Stacie

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