Null values in the results of my analyzes

Good morning, I am testing the Habitat Risk model and the full sde model, but when I see my statistics table and my results raster, everything comes out as zero.
Please help me decipher the error

@mandream , please start by uploading your invest logfile. It could also be a good idea to upload some of the results you are referring to.

InVEST-natcap.invest.hra-log-2024-03-14– (25.9 KB) (55.4 KB) (1.8 MB) (1.7 KB)

@mandream , thanks for sharing your data. The problem looks like it has to do with the values of many of the input rasters. Here is guidance from the User’s Guide:

For rasters, a pixel value of 1 indicates presence of the habitat or stressor. 0 (or any other value) indicates absence of the habitat or stressor.

In your data, I see many habitat and stressor rasters with values other than 1 that seem to represent the presence of the raster or stressor. Unfortunately, the model requires those values to be 1.