How to run Work Loss option without Energy Consumption Option

As I understand it, there are two optional valuation models:
Work Loss and Energy Consumption.

Is it possible to get one without the other?

We would like to have the work loss valuation, but we do not have data on energy consumption. It doesn’t seem like I can run the optional valuation without the energy consumption input though.

So I guess, the question is: 1) Is the work loss valuation impacted by the energy consumption table? and 2) If not, then could we just put in a dummy energy consumption table so that we can at least get the Work Loss valuation?


Hi @nic.keller,

You’re right that the model currently won’t let you run the work loss valuation without the energy consumption. I’m not sure why it was made this way; I guess there hasn’t been much demand to use them separately. The work loss valuation is not affected by the energy consumption values, so feel free to use a dummy energy consumption table!

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