How to use InVEST with QGIS

I want to learn how to assess the carbon sequestration of a specific alpine area in Italy. However, I am new in using QGIS (I used ArcGIS) and I am not sure where I can find the input data, as well as how to exploit InVEST. Can anyone suggest me an online course, a PPT presentation or something else that I can use to expand my knowledge?

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Hi @marco.guzzetti -

The Data Sources section of the User Guide provides pointers to global sources of land cover and carbon pool data. For more local data, you’ll need to look for a national or sub-national land cover map, and do a literature search to see if anyone has done more specific carbon mapping for your area.

For our models, it doesn’t matter which GIS you use to process your input/output data, although of course each has its own pluses and minuses. There are many QGIS tutorials that you can find with a web search, like the Gentle Introduction provided by the QGIS team.

~ Stacie