Link InVEST to QGIS software

I want to link InVEST model to a apart of QGIS model.
Is it possible to link it?

Hi there, I’m not sure exactly what you have as your “QGIS model”, but in general InVEST models work as standalone tools that just read and write GIS files to the hard drive. We have not developed anything special to integrate InVEST model inputs/outputs with other software like QGIS.

However, if you happen to be working in python, you certainly could build a workflow that includes calls to natcap.invest python modules and pyqgis functions.

I’m happy to hear more about your objectives if you care to share the details.

Hi there, Thanks a lot for your response. I tried to prepare a Water-Food-Energy nexus considering some ecosystem value.
It would be so valuable for me to know about it.
Masoumeh :slightly_smiling_face: